Was the Kelly Marie Tran ‘Instagram Harassment’ All a Hoax?


The Legacy Media claims that Star Wars actress Kelly Marie Tran was driven off of Instagram due to racist and misogynist harassment from Star Wars fans, but is that what actually happened?


In what may be the biggest hate hoax in history, DataRacer117 has discovered that Kelly Marie Tran’s NY Times op-ed was written and posted on Instagram in November 2017, a full month before The Last Jedi was released.


This runs counter to the recent Yahoo Entertainment piece in which they reported:


Tran was open about the negative reactions she experienced after Star Wars in a candid August 2018 op-ed she wrote for the New York Times, titled, “I Won’t Be Marginalized by Online Bullying.”

Looking back, Tran noted the thought that went into the piece.

“I think when I wrote that op-ed, which is probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, having it go out into the world made me feel so empowered. You know? Because I was finally speaking my truth.”








To understand the history of this, and why this new finding is so important, you can get caught up by watching a documentary I’ve produced.  Dive into the rabbit hole, as this documentary takes you through mountains of evidence that paints an entirely different story.


Was the incident manufactured by a Crisis Management Firm?


Was the incident concocted to bring down Rebel Force Radio?


Was the incident fabricated to obfuscate the “Tiny Vocal Minority” lie?


Was the incident invented in order to smear Legends Canon and its supporters?


Did Kelly Marie Tran sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement?


See the evidence and decide for yourself!


Watch it on YouTube:


The Kelly Marie Tran Instagram Incident




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