Was Star Wars Actress Gina Carano Attacked by Bots Controlled by Lucasfilm?

There is strength in numbers.


She’s making me want to watch The Mandalorian more and more.



Gina Carano, who stars in The Mandalorian, was recently under assault by idiot SJW savages. Why? For making perfectly reasonable posts on Twitter of course.


Such as this:



They started in on her right away.



Gina is of course correct. But why is that image so “problematic” to uneducated SJWs? Well, probably partly because its meaning is eerily reminiscent to the meaning of this image:



Different shade, same schtick.


Reminding SJWs that Nazis were in fact fringe leftist socialists leaves them frothing and seething like the dumb wild animals that they are. But also partly because modern SJWs don’t want to allow people to use anything with WW2 imagery because “Nazis bad,” or something equally stupid. This helps them unwittingly conform to Nazi notions of “cleaning up the debris of the past” but I digress.


As a result, Gina Carano was now under attack from a swarm of SJW imbeciles who were determined to cancel her.





And she’s right. Dataracer117 has uncovered that the trolls harassing her:



Are in fact bot accounts:




As a result, the hashtag #ginacaranoisoverparty was trending on Twitter. SJWs are determined to give Gina Carano the Rachel Butera treatment.


Here are a few examples:







Bending the knee to these complete and total morons will always consistently be an incorrect thing to do. Because they’ll never be satisfied, and they’re already onto the next step anyways.


Via Ryan Kinel:






So, why should Gina reach out to Rachel Butera? For three reasons.


First, as many who have been following this blog know, Rachel Butera was a voice actress who played General Leia in Star Wars: Resistance. In September of 2018, Rachel was driven off of social media by the unthinking SJW mob, for doing a comedic impression of purported sexual assault victim Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.


As we now know, Dr. Ford, Ms. Ford’s 4th purported witness claimed no knowledge of any assault. Ms. Ford has changed her story multiple times. Discrepancies in Ms. Ford’s polygraph test has raised some questions. Two other men claim to have assaulted Ms. Ford rather than Kavanaugh. Ms. Ford’s high school yearbook demonstrates “multiple photos and references to binge drinking and the accompanying joy of not being able to remember any of it.” Attempts were made to cleanse the internet of Ms. Ford’s yearbook pages. Ms. Ford’s ex-boyfriend claimed that Ford helped a friend prep for a possible polygraph test in the past.


The attacks on Ms. Butera were as unwarranted as they were politically motivated. As a result of the attacks, Ms. Butera was quietly replaced in Star Wars: Resistance thanks to this political hysteria.


So Ms. Butera undoubtedly has some insight to share with Gina with regards to these recent events.


Second, readers of my blog may recall a post I wrote in June of 2020, in regards to a Star Wars Bot Net that was discovered in 2017, shortly before the release of The Last Jedi. The 2017 paper published out of the University College London discussed the discovery of a large Star Wars Bot Net which was created in 2013. That’s about a year after the acquisition of Star Wars by Disney. The study also suggested that the bots were created to be hidden until needed, and that a “botmaster” could reactivate them at a time of their choosing. The curious timing of the creation of these bots suggests that they may have been created by someone within Lucasfilm to deal with any potential backlash against their films on social media.


If that is the case, then the bots which are now attacking Gina Carano could be operated by a “botmaster” within Lucasfilm, though that is speculation as of this writing. Why would Lucasfilm send bots to attack one of their stars? Well, you would have to think in terms of the Kennedy/Favreau civil war within Lucasfilm that many published rumors have alluded to. If there is such a civil war within Lucasfilm, then this could be an attack on Favreau’s production as much as it is an attack on Gina herself.


Rachel Butera could also potentially have been a victim of these same bots. But this is all speculation at this time.


Third, as I said above, there is strength in numbers.


For those of you who wish to show support to Gina, a new hashtag is being used:




We can now only hope that ILM Animation Director for The Mandalorian, Hal Hickel, steps up and admonishes these cretins for being “shitty” to Gina Carano.


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