Wally West “Seeks Redemption” Under a Scott Lobdell Script

Barely two weeks or so after Heroes in Crisis came to a most disgusting conclusion, with the third Flash (Wally West) forced into the role of a crazy “accidental” killer, now it turns out this was all a setup for a followup miniseries, written by Scott Lobdell, where the former Kid Flash is allegedly trying to redeem himself:


When Heroes in Crisis concluded, things did not look good for Wally West. Once one of the DC Universe’s greatest heroes, Wally not only accidentally slaughtered a number of his fellow heroes, he then decided to try to cover it up, framing Harley Quinn and Booster Gold for the deaths, and attempting to travel through time in order to kill himself so he could cover his tracks. The series closed with Wally having been imprisoned by the Justice League, a true low point in the career of one of DC’s most popular heroes.

Now, DC’s fan-favorite speedster is set to embark on a mission to “find redemption in a cosmos that has fought so hard to destroy him.” Under the guidance of writer Scott Lobdell and artist Brett Booth, the six-issue Flash Forward is the next chapter of Wally’s life in a reality where his family doesn’t exist, and will explore how he’ll cope with what he’s done.


The only way redemption can truly come about is if the editorial mandate is willing to allow the slaughtered heroes to be resurrected. And it would actually be very stupid for anybody to buy this book, any more than Heroes in Crisis itself, to see how things turn out, unless maybe any specialists can clearly confirm, “heroes resurrected” by the time it’s over. Even then, it already sounds irritating enough that Wally would have to “cope”. And let’s not forget: so long as DiDio’s in charge, every dollar you pay for a book published in the past near 15 years only serves to bolster him.


That told, this just made me think of something: Geoff Johns may have brought back Wally to the DCU proper, but…did he restore/reunite Wally with Linda Park? If not, then I’m not sure how anybody could say Johns brought back any hope when he didn’t ensure Linda would be back together with Wally, marriage or not. So to say Johns did anybody a favor is reaching pretty far across the table for nothing significant.


And as for Lobdell, given what a weak reputation he’s got as a writer, unless he actually intends to redeem Wally for real, and even restore Linda to the fray, I don’t see much point in boosting a book he’s written. For all we know, this could turn out to be as awful as Day of Vengeance was in 2005. If that’s not DiDio and Lobdell’s intention, they’ll have to work very hard to prove it. But in the end, the point must be made that DiDio cannot continue as head of DC.





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