Save Us Viz Media! Bring Out a Hitman Reborn Collected Box Set


Rescuing Hitman Reborn

Hitman Reborn is a bit of an underrated Anime/Manga. Reborn!, known in Japan as Katekyō Hitman Reborn!, is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Akira Amano.   I recently did my first livestream about this property  (where I accidentally added two more volumes. I should have said 42 volumes) for Rainbow Press & Comics. Apparently, Viz only bought out 16 volumes of this manga, pictured below.



This picture comes from a collection I paid under $800aud for. My problem is, I want to purchase all 42 Volumes of this manga translated into English.



In Japan they have Hitman Reborn Vols 1-42 available, it just isn’t available to the readers in the west who do enjoy this series.



They also have series in a box set available for the readers who do enjoy the manga, which also has Vols 1-42.


3 in 1 Manga & Box Sets

On one of my previous articles I covered the prices of manga to even box sets here in Australia. Looking at this present coronavirus crisis, Viz has an opportunity to make lots of money by simply bringing out reprints of older series that have only become available by people looking for out of print Viz Manga.


With the average box set price being $250Aud, with 2 Box Sets of 21 Vols of Hitman Reborn all translated into English.


Hypothetically the 1st Box Set of 21 vols sells 5000 units at $250aud that equals to $1250000Aud made, which would be enough to help kickstart things, by bringing in the 2nd Box Set of 21 Vols, because of news of the 1st one selling 5000 units, it increases to about 7500 units bringing the total too $1875000Aud.




Deathperation Flame

Viz Media, should you ever read this article, like I said, I’ve already done the math, and I can almost guarantee you there will be buyers wanting this whole box set series of Hitman Reborn. Is there some kind of licensing issue? What is the obstacle?


So please don’t try to squash the flame out! Use this opportunity to do good by the readers/anime fans of Hitman Reborn, because the last thing we want to see in this time of a global pandemic, is the Death of Viz Media, because with some things, they have an unintended domino effect, whether planned or unplanned.