Usual Suspects: Leftist Comics Writers Gloat Over Stolen Election

It’s sickening how, in the past few days, the 2020 election and Donald Trump were robbed of victory by leftist politicians who brought in tons of fake ballots to harvest in several states including Pennsylvania, Georgia and Michigan, and even had corrupted computer software to make things worse. And here’s some comments by Kurt Busiek, for example, telling where he stands in all this:


Oh, he must’ve really loved posting that. Ugh. Just as with many other leftists of his sort, he has no gratitude for any of the good things Trump did over the past 4 years, whether it be business-related efforts to improve the economy for everyone, or even foreign relations and getting the UAE to sign a peace treaty with Israel. Busiek’s comment about Pence is just as loathsome.


And look what Ron Marz chose to post:


This is why I’ve decided no more viewership of FOX News: it’s clear at this point they’ve decided to throw the conservative movement under the bus and become more like CNN. Yet it sure doesn’t sound like Marz is suddenly a fan of FOX’s. Proving that no matter how poorly you cater to the twisted left, they won’t support you. Trump actually complained they were taking negative stances against him some time ago, and his concerns have validity. Somewhere along the way, the people in charge of the network lost their moral compass.


Dan Slott’s comment is pretty disgusting:


Wow, this is a prime example of hostility to free speech and dissent. But then, what could you expect from somebody who came from Berkley? Slott’s comment is no different from the MSM, which has made some of the most bald-faced efforts to silence Republicans during this election.


And then, look at this comment from Gail Simone:


She despises Betsy DeVos. A woman in a prominent position. We can guess where she stands on Amy Coney Barrett, in that case. All because their politics don’t coincide with Simone’s.


Here’s another example of somebody with an accepting view of Biden, despite his shady record: Colleen Doran:


You know, for somebody who may have complained in the past about sexual misconduct in the industry, and once made it sound like there’s leches around every corner at conventions, she sure doesn’t seem very concerned about Biden’s record of sexual misconduct any more than the MSM is. No wonder I’d rather not have anything to do with Doran’s work these days.


Next is Mark Russell:


What about the detention cages built by the Obama administration in which to incarcerate them? Didn’t Joe Biden build those cages? Even USA Today acknowledged this. I guess if Obama and Biden do it, it’s okay, is that it? Russell is another hypocrite who doesn’t belong in showbiz.


And then, how about Alex deCampi:


I guess it figures somebody who participated in shady activities in the Whisper Network would have just as reprehensible a view of conservatives, wouldn’t she?


And then, wouldn’t you know it, Gerry Conway predictably took a specific side regarding senatorial elections:


Why does it sound so eerily like he sees nothing wrong with faking election results if that’s what it takes to rob GOP candidates of their victories? This is what John James in Michigan is facing now, with corruption in the state leading to a situation where he won’t get elected to Senate. Which just proves where Conway must stand on race relations these days. Of course, he’s basically disowned much of his older work in comicdom, and as a result, that’s why I’m able to read most of it in a much more comfy state of mind, knowing he apparently did it without much pride, no matter how good the writing is in retrospect.


And this is all but a fraction of how the health of the USA is deteriorating, and could take ages to repair the severe damage that’s been caused by the left, particularly since the turn of the century.


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