UPDATED: Anthony Daniels Disappointed with Star Wars Sequels

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From Express Online:


Express Online sat down with Anthony Daniels to chat about his new book I Am C-3PO. We had to ask him about the backlash – and what he thinks of The Last Jedi.

The actor says: “Well, yes. I do understand why the fans are unhappy… It speaks to a devotion that they care so much that they mind if someone messes with it. I understand people being critical of the films.”

He has remained fairly silent until now, while stars like Mark Hamill have dropped loaded comments online and in interviews.

Daniels says: “I know it has been particularly difficult for him (Hamill) lately because the new movies haven’t given him much to do. I certainly recognise that and can relate to it.

“In these new movies, I have felt like a table decoration. And that is difficult because I recognise this character (C-3PO) is worth so much more. But I understand it is a whole film, not a feature about C-3PO.

“That is just my personal disappointment. I get paid whether or not he does anything but it would be nice for him to have a purpose.”

Daniels obviously can not give much away but he teases: “C-3PO has a major arc. I am very satisfied with what I had to do in this movie and I am very satisfied with everything I know about this movie.”


Drunk 3PO comments:


Anthony Daniels Reveals His 'DISAPPOINTMENT' with Disney's Star Wars

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Anthony Daniels DISAPPOINTED in Disney Star Wars Sequels?!


Reddit user readytokno posts a brief description of a portion from Anthony Daniel’s new book, I Am C-3PO.



I  myself have not read this book, so I cannot confirm how accurate this description is.  It is not the exact text from the book, however.  So keep that in mind when reading the following description.  Salt advised.


One page from the book has been added below, in regards to “YouTube rants.”


not really many spoilers but –

AD [Anthony Daniels] asked JJ if 3PO should have some sort of “fitting end” in Ep9 – JJ replied “not on my watch”

AD feels it’s one of the first SW films that respects 3P0’s role in the team and doesn’t take him for granted

The script was being re-written often at some points, he never knew which the current draft was, losing some 3P0 moments that he really liked – he’s “haunted” by a really good conversation between him and Poe that didn’t make it

He felt that eps 7 and 8 left a “bunch of threads and tatters” that couldn’t be tied up well, he “acknowledges some of the points in the rants on YouTube”, but feels that 9 ties everything up well.


Although the Reddit user places that phrase in quotation marks, I cannot be certain at this time that Anthony Daniels actually wrote that statement

At one point 3P0 says the phase “a common emblem” which he had trouble with

the biggest crowd scene with many characters and creatures was filmed in Jordan with the Royal Family hanging out on set

He feels TROS gives him and Mark/Luke a better chance to say goodbye (though it’s not really clear if he means on film or just on the set in real life)

The scene with the whole team on the speeder across the desert was choppy and painful

during a scene where the team flees from the Knights of Ren down narrow cobbled streets, he bonded with Keri Russel over having uncomfy costumes

(anyway, it’s a really funny and entertaining memoir, and I think it’s interesting they let him release it with full TROS anecdotes early, even non spoiler ones. His experience in the suit in the OT sounds like a nightmare, and he was really hurt by Lucasfilm not mentioning his name much in the media in the 70s and just calling him “the robot” in interviews where the other stars were named. He says he didn’t enjoy the prequels as much because Lucas was busy/distant and angry, overbearing producers were the ones he was in contact with. Interesting that he’s always kept an eye on 3PO in the EU and he mentions he’s read the Jabba’s Palace book and other droid stuff.)

(also interesting that AD feels the friendship between Luke and 3PO isn’t really taken seriously enough by people – he thought they shouldn’t have been split up in ESB and they should have had a goodbye in TLJ, he feels that people forget that Luke is his master and that’s important to 3PO)

(also shocked that Lucas wanted to re-dub 3P0 with an American actor like Richard Dreyfuss and was only persuaded to stick with AD’s voice at the last minute! Saying “he never imagined him as a British butler”)


The Reddit answers a question later in the post


Does he talk more about his experiences on TFA and TLJ?

Relationships with JJ and Rian, Kathy and other cast members?

Carrie’s death?

He mainly says that he was disappointed he wasn’t in them much, and he didn’t like the red arm, but later enjoyed the comic story about how 3p0 got it. The scripts made him feel like “a Christmas decoration being bought out for nostalgia’s sake”.

Just stuff about how childlike and enthusiastic JJ was and nothing really about KK except a brief mention of her asking him if he wanted to return. A few gentle complaints that Rian was uninterested in “listening to his suggestions” compared to Lucas, but calls him “respectful and kind”. A lot of emotional stuff about Carrie, he uses their last scene in TLJ to go on a long detour about their friendship and what she was like. Not really much about the new cast other than they were friendly and youthful.

(he also says Rian was so self contained and quiet that the cast heard from the assistant director Jamie Christopher more than Rian himself)

(other cast in general – he hints that Ford has always felt derision for him and his character and this comes through in his performance being annoyed with 3p0. His friendship with Mark sounds really sweet from the ANH days Mark let him use his bathtub. He spends one paragraph in the whole book on Kenny Baker, and mentions Baker wanted them to do theater tours together and AD didn’t, and regrets they never got on.)


Another response to a comment:


Christ, Anthony, the last thing you needed to put in print was any sort of acknowledgment of “The rants on YouTube”

he does say they’re too negative even when they have a point

for what it’s worth, here’s the page where he mentions youtube



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