Uncharted Stays on Top of Weekend Box Office, but The Batman Cometh

It was a bit of a lull at the weekend box office, as moviegoers seem to be most excited for this weekend’s release of The Batman. Meanwhile, studios have been shifting movies around so much since the pandemic started that we have weekends like this were there are no major film releases and the majority of the top ten is filled with films that have been out a while.



The only two new releases to crack the chart are Studio 666 with $1.58 million taking the 8th slot and the limited release of Cyrano in 9th with $1.4 million over the three days. The rest of the chart looked a lot like the previous week with Uncharted coming in at number one with $23.2 million and Dog hauling in $10.1 million, both in their second week. Spider-Man: No Way Home continues to earn, bringing in another $5.75 million in third place and Death on the Nile sailing to another $4.5 million in fourth.


This should be greatly shaken up next week as The Batman is expected to easily top $100 million in its debut, likely syphoning away viewers from the other action films and with what is on the schedule there is a good chance the Warner Bros film will hold the top spot until the first of April when Morbius releases.

Christina Wiggins

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