Uh-Oh: The Pronoun Pyrsyns Have Invaded Star Wars: Squadrons

Quick! Launch the Pronoun Torpedos!


Mitch Dyer is the guy whose skin crawls when thinking of Jason Ward, who thinks Gina Carano is a bully, was told about the Tyler Westhause scandal, told Reylos that Rae Carson owes them nothing, and pushed the dumbest Star Wars T-Shirt ever made.


He’s also the writer for Star Wars: Squadrons.



Well ol’ Mitch is pushing pronouns in Star Wars: Squadrons.


I have no doubt that this will definitely appeal to the 0.0000001 percent of the population that expresses the importance of pronouns on Twitter. But will the rest of the fan base be impressed or care? What about the portion of the fan base that finds this political nonsense to be anything from offensive to just plain silly? We’ll have to wait on sales figures to know for sure.


I myself don’t have any problem with anyone wanting to use made up pronouns. As far as I’m concerned they can do as they please.


My problem is with this tiny subculture attempting to forcibly impose their wacko social conventions on everyone else. It’s absurd.


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When you’ve lost Boy George…


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