Ugh: Red “Sith Trooper” Officially Confirmed for Star Wars IX

So today we were treated with the image of the Sith Trooper.  The toys will be unveiled at SDCC 2019.


Lucasfilm paints their stormtroopers with toenail polish.


Laser sites on rifles generally have a red laser that puts a glowing red spot on any target. But nothing would be better than having your target be entirely red from head to toe. After all, that SJW resistance needs all the help they can get. A leaked Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker poster showed the red suits, but a lot of fans believed the poster art was a fake. With that being said, everything from the leaked poster has apparently been proven to be true.



Unfortunately, it appears that even this idea may have been lifted from the fans.  Just think; this used to be a joke:



Some fans may remember the Sith Trooper from better times:




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