*YAWN* Marvel Rips-Off DC’s Tired Trope of Superhero Murder Mystery


The exact title of this new event currently called “Incoming” isn’t clear yet, but at first glance it looks like Marvel’s just coughing up another imitation of DC’s own repellent stunts like Identity Crisis and the more recent Heroes in Crisis:


Marvel Comics has released another “Incoming” teaser, this time foreshadowing a murder, perhaps of a superhero. The teaser, uncredited, appears to be drawn by Tony Stark: Iron Man series artist Valerio Schiti.

It’s unclear who could be laying under the sheet, but it seems that whoever it is, their death will have an impact on the Fantastic Four and potentially the Avengers. […]

This is the second “Incoming” teaser Marvel has released in recent weeks. The first depicted a silhouetted figure, perhaps Hulkling of the Young Avengers, holding aloft a sword.


This may not be the first of its kind Marvel’s ever released. Previous variations on the embarrassments DC coughed out may include Identity Disc and Original Sin. But that they’d be willing to do this and not learn from the mistakes DC already made proves they’re just as morally bankrupt, and C.B. Cebulski’s willingness to approve a project like this has added yet one more serious demerit to his record. Stuff like this makes me wonder why the publishing arm hasn’t been shut down yet if that’s what it takes to prevent further disgust and frustration. Besides, stories like these only give “mysteries” a bad name with their mean-spirited, crass and pretentious structures.

Update: UK Metro picked up on this story, and they say:


We don’t even know who are the creators of the one-off issue, but at the D23 Expo, Marvel described Incoming! as ‘the comic book one-shot that will shape the future of Marvel Comics into 2020 and beyond’. They added: ‘From a single moment in the pages of the Dark Phoenix Saga to the events of Marvel Comics of today.’


Needless to say, if murder and mysteries about it are what’ll shape any universe in the forseeable future, that’s just plain sick. Their description is another reason why I don’t think the Dark Phoenix Saga is appealing.


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