Two More Comics Creators Test Positive for Severe Cases of CDS


I can’t say I’ve seen many professional creators making negative comments about the Comicsgate campaign lately (and those who aren’t are acting wisely), but here’s Jerry Ordway responding to fellow artist Patrick Zircher with a politically charged comment:



It’s really a shame Ordway’s perpetuating the blame-Trump-for-everything routine that’s been continuing long after he was regrettably ousted from office through fraudulent means. All in order to establish Joe Biden as “leader”, and someone who’s now caused disaster in Afghanistan that could take an epoch to repair.


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As for whether liberals are buying non-CG independents? Well if the creators are going to use what they’re crafting for little more than political platforms that only amount to attacking conservatives while refusing to spotlight more challenging issues (like Islamic terrorism – and won’t even tackle the issues Biden’s created just in the past week or so), then why should Ordway be surprised if quite a few liberals are just as dispirited as conservatives about buying the books?


Here’s a suggestion for Ordway: prove you can tackle these topics yourself with anything you might have in store, and then who knows? Maybe people’s faith and trust will be restored in how well a liberal can focus upon these subjects, regardless of whether he/she is Comicsgate connected.


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Editor: Unfortunately, Mr. Zircher’s symptoms only appear to be getting worse.




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