Twitter Drama: The Mandalorian’s Gina Carano Blocked Annoying Podcaster

SJWs don’t know Drunk3PO very well.



Apparently drones in the collective, collaborative, cooperative, community aren’t pleased with Gina Carano. What’s her capital crime this time? Speaking with someone that they don’t like.




Not…full on conversingHeavens to Betsy!


The Collective discovers “full on conversing” taking place in their midst.



It wouldn’t be a complete SJW Twitter thread without some small minded pettiness.




But here’s the best part. Pete Fletzer of Around The Galaxy podcast, and former writer for Star Wars Insider magazine, won’t be getting an interview with Gina any time soon:



And all we need to know is that Pete is an obnoxious pudknocker.


Cock blocked.


But our good friend Drunk 3PO is taking Pete’s pathetic High School behavior in stride.








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