Tracking Estimates Not Looking Good for Aquaman

The Aquaman movie is scheduled to open this coming month, but as John Nolte notes, tracking estimates discover the new film based on Atlantean sea king Arthur Curry could be the weakest opening yet for a movie based on DC’s creations:

Aquaman, the latest chapter in the DC movie universe, is expected to open on December 21 anywhere between $40 and $60 million, which would make it the weakest opening yet in this franchise, a franchise already running on fumes. […]

Interest in DC peaked with Batman v. Superman, but the problem was that Warner Bros. did not make a very good movie. And so, even with the presence of Will Smith, the entry that followed, Suicide Squad, opened much lower. While I personally enjoyed Suicide Squad, I was in the minority, and that disappointment reflected in Wonder Woman’s opening. Fortunately, people loved Wonder Woman, and it eventually grossed $412M domestic, which makes it the most popular title in this franchise — and by a wide mile.

And then along came Justice League, a legitimate creative and commercial disaster. What should have been DC’s version of Marvel’s Avengers, a culmination of the previous four titles that lit the box office on fire, ended up being a franchise killer.

Well I chalk it up (or down) to the abandonment of the source materials to a glob of morally bankrupt screwballs, as the people in charge of DC as a whole basically indicate they care far more about the movies and accompanying ticket receipts than about the comics themselves. Naturally, the organization and planning of the productions also matters, and for this, they chose some of the worst people involved – Geoff Johns, to name but one of the worst, most incredibly overrated writers DC could ever choose to hire and make a leading supervisor of the comics. As I’d noted once, he was recruited by none other than the now disgraced Eddie Berganza, who in effect left behind a very egregious pick for a staffer. These aren’t the kind of people they need to build their movie productions.

It’s honestly time for them to cease trying to turn DC into a whole movie-verse, when there’s a whole comics-verse in dire need of mending, and even if the film does become a success, one thing is clear: few moviegoers are bound to read any of the source material, if at all. As a result, it’s hard to consider these films a triumph when nobody wants to read the comics, and with such pretentious, overrated writers at the helm, is it any wonder if the filmgoers don’t?

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