Tom King Apologizes to Jae Lee; Valiant Comics’ Antos Still Hasn’t


King’s finally issued more of an official apology for his offensive defamation of artist Lee, or so it seems:

But this is still coming awfully late, and he hasn’t apologized to Comicsgate backers, or guaranteed he’ll drop the subject permanently, which he’d do well to make sure he does.

And besides, the damage may already be done, if the following comment by a certain former Marvel and Dark Horse editor says anything:



Well it sure doesn’t look like Antos is sorry this had to happen. Even though she replies to another guy with:



Unfortunately, this doesn’t sound like Antos is apologizing for backing King’s original screed against Lee. Or, it doesn’t sound like she’s apologizing to Lee for demeaning him in turn. And who knows if she ever will? That’s what the industry’s sadly come down to.

Those in the medium who really want to avoid causing hurt would do well to learn from this incident, and avoid even mentioning Comicsgate ever again.

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Avi Green

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