Op-Ed: Thor: Ragnarok Takes on New Relevance in the COVID-19 Era

In the age of Antifa and BLM, I realize that Thor: Ragnarok is a better movie than I originally gave it credit for. When I saw it the first time, and all but the last occasion thereafter, I saw it as an offensive two hour-long mockery of a character I liked, Thor. Now, I see it as a metaphor for everything we see happening around us in America these past few months and what the left has in store for the future.



Viewed this way, Loki’s usurpation of the throne of Asgard becomes a parallel to the covid lockdown. In Ragnarok, Loki indulges himself as he pretends to be Odin. He holds banquets and entertainments, ignoring the worlds beyond Asgard, all of which descend into war.


When Thor returns to Asgard and exposes Loki’s deception to the people of Asgard, much as [Attorney General] Barr and Durham threaten to do to senior officials in President Obama’s administration, there is no time to react because another danger appears. Loki’s carelessness has allowed Hela to escape Hel, where she has been imprisoned. Like the combined Antifa and BLM movement, she returns to Asgard intending to rule.



Hela politely requests that the people of Asgard kneel before her as their new ruler. This is much like the peaceful protests carried out by BLM, where outrageous demands are made “peacefully,” but their malice is evident. The peaceful demand to pay reparations, defund the police, and justice for George Floyd are all made with the implicit understanding that anything less than full compliance will be met with violence. Violence, on Earth as in Asgard, ensues when the demands are not immediately met. Anarchy, destruction, and death are the promise made, and kept, by the agents of destruction.


Hela explains herself to Skurge. She destroys monuments in Asgard to expose earlier works that lay beneath. “Our present peace was won not by skillful diplomacy, but by bloody violence. We are conquerors. We entered the nine realms. We killed, we took everything, That is how we gained what we have today. Through evil. I was the instrument of that evil, I know.” Much the same is said by BLM, Antifa, and others regarding the destruction of American monuments. They are “symbols of oppression” they say, and must be torn down. Our past is evil. We must not profit from it. We must pay for the misdeeds of our ancestors.



It is here that we find ourselves today. The remainder of Thor explores the paradise envisioned by Hela. In it, she rules all of Asgard but drives all but her servants away, destroys all that was good, leaving her victory as empty as the Hel she escaped. Thor, meanwhile, like President Trump, is opposed by all, mocked, attacked, deserted by his friends. In the end, Thor is victorious but Asgard is vaporized.


Watching this movie is like looking into the mind of every sick, psychopathic, degenerate liberal mischief-maker that ever lived. The mockery of Thor is no longer a mere joke in poor taste, now it reveals the essential character of every person who opposes freedom, justice, and the American way. The feminine insecurity of the Grandmaster character reminds me of goggle-eyed Adam Schiff and his show trials of Trump. Hela is the invincible evil that rules the minds of all Socialists and their liberal cousins. The drunken Valkyrie may as well be any defector from the Trump administration. John Bolton, general Mattis, Mitt Romney, or anyone else. Can any of them be wooed back to the side of justice? One hopes they might.


We know how the movie ends. I suspect that at the time, the writers would have preferred Hela to remain triumphant in the end but didn’t feel they had the political capital to attempt such a radical storyline. In our world, we not only need to see the goddess of death defeated but must do it without also defeating ourselves by destroying our own society. It is interesting to see how it plays out in the movie, but the stakes are too real to be enjoyed for its counterpart in our world. Thor must win but he needs help. Not just at the ballot box. He needs it now, however it can be done.



Dr. Andy

Dr. Andy lives in an isolated wilderness surrounded by large trees, heavy boulders, and dangerous wildlife. He moved to his present location from a quaint city in Europe, where he taught at university for twelve years. Before that, he lived in a different isolated wilderness surrounded by large cacti, tiny orange rocks, and deadly wildlife. His hobbies include collecting comics and writing for scientific journals. Every other hobby he's had was turned into a career and cannot be described as a hobby any longer. His favorite book is a reproduction of a diary written by a six year-old clairvoyant who lived in Victorian England. His favorite deity is God, the one and only.