This DC Comics Editor Sees Most Comic Fans As Villains


Andy Khouri, an editor at DC working on the revived Vertigo line, is a former Comics Alliance writer who was one of the worst leftists to run that now defunct site. Ethan Van Sciver thoughtfully spoke out against him, following this insult-to-the-audience message Khouri wrote:

Calling the audience villains is the wrong way to go, and will only ensure nobody wants to buy his catastrophous offerings under the Vertigo banner, which should be retired already, just as he should be dismissed from the payroll. After he wrote this very alienating message, van Sciver made the following points:

The Rodriguez scandal is mentioned here, and the Esquivel scandal over here. As far as I know, even Khouri never apologized for his own reprehensible conduct, and it doesn’t take a genius to figure he’s only in the job for the money.

Indeed, Khouri is one of the worst choices made by the higher ups like DiDio and Harras to work for them. But, that they’d hire Khouri to start with should give an idea where they stand themselves. So the question now is, will they get rid of this undeserving, sorry excuse for a comics “fan”? The sad answer so far is “no”. They’re well aware of his political leanings, and that’s enough for them to keep such a disgrace around, even at the expense of their sales, which continue to plummet. For now, the audience can vote with their wallets and avoid his atrocious “products” at DC, which were clearly intended as nothing more than a vent for his own extreme leftist politics. And let’s not forget DiDio, another reason why to avoid DC at all costs so long as he remains.

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