‘The Walking Dead’ Spin-Off Could Include Animation & Music Driven Episodes


The Walking Dead might get tooned up and tuned up in Tales of the Walking Dead, the episodic anthology spinoff in development at AMC Networks.

One of two new Walking Dead spinoffs announced by the network in September, Tales tells all-new stories about characters both familiar and not, including those who have already died on The Walking Dead. Characters who survive the mothership series ending with its eleventh season in 2022 are also likely to return in Tales of the Walking Dead, which will experiment with various types of genre and format as it explores fresh corners of the Walking Dead Universe:

“Some will be horror stories, some will be black comedy, some will be adventures,” Scott Gimple, the chief content officer of TWD and creator of Tales, says in the latest issue of Emmy Magazine. “Some might use animation. We could have music-driven episodes.”

The live-action franchise dabbled with animated segments in The Walking Dead: Red Machete, a six-part short-form web series documenting the history of the red-handled machete eventually used by Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) to execute Gareth (Andrew J. West) in The Walking Dead season 5.

At the heart of this anything-goes approach: telling a wide range of zombie stories set against the backdrop of The Walking Dead.



via ComicBook

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