The Unconventional Release Strategy for the ‘Battlestar Galactica’ Reboot

Streaming services have changed the expectations of audiences when it comes to how we consume storylines, as a number of streamers debut an entire season’s worth of episodes all at once, as traditional TV networks typically only release one episode at a time. Battlestar Galactica is a beloved piece of sci-fi lore that is associated with tackling ambitious themes, with the upcoming reboot of the concept from Mr. Robot creator Sam Esmail turning both narrative expectations and release expectations on their heads, as he detailed that the new project is considering an erratic release strategy that would experiment with non-linear storytelling.


“When I spoke to Peacock about it, and Mike Lesslie who’s an amazing writer – he’s the one who’s showrunning and writing the pilot – the one thing we got excited by is do we release an episode a week, [release all at once]?” Esmail shared with Collider. “For me, it was like, let’s get in there and tell the right story and it will tell us how many episodes. We may dump three episodes in a row because it’s a three-episode-long battle sequence that needs to be dropped in a row even though they’re three signifying chapters, and maybe each chapter is switching a point of view within that battle sequence. There may be a 20-minute episode that’s the backstory of one of the characters that gets dropped right after that.”

He added, “So we’re gonna really experiment with form on this one because Battlestar, again, given the rich mythology that’s in there already, we want to hit every nook and cranny and because of the format, because of Peacock and streaming – and they’ve been such great partners with us in trying to experiment – we want to get in the writers’ room and let the story tell us how it wants to be released.”


via ComicBook

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