The True Definition of “Fake Geek” Revealed

If anyone still doubts that:


a) The Hollywood studios, big publishers, and record labels who are busily destroying your beloved childhood brands are not motivated by profit, and

b) The Pop Cult is a pipeline to the Death Cult,


Consider the following thread by a would-be gatekeeper on Twitter.



Fake Geeks? The Cultist projects like an IMAX.


Those who pointed out that Leftist gatekeepers telling Conservative authors to “Build your own award” were bad-faith actors have been roundly vindicated.


The Death Cult priesthood can’t abide the thought of infidels enjoying the works their forefathers created. They hate those venerable authors for being ten times the men the Cultists are. They hate their works for being incomparably better than anything the Cult can produce. And they hate you for not being as petty and miserable as they are.


Most of all, they hate the Christ for being the sole means of salvation, contrary to their debauched pipe dreams.




If Gillis used his intellect instead of making an idol of it, he might realize it’s his Cult that’s cancelled his shiny, sexy utopia. Men of the West like Tolkien won the World Wars, went to the moon, and invented the internet. The heathens his side is flooding STEM fields with hail from societies that haven’t fully mastered indoor plumbing.


Death Cultists are creatures of envy, and their envy fuels their hatred of truth, goodness, and beauty.


Just in case it still needs to be said, don’t give money to people who hate you.




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