WTF? The Star Wars High Republic Hilarity Continues

With the latest release of two characters from the High Republic, it feels like Mel Brooks is directing this publishing effort.


First up is Leox Gyasi. If Leisure Suit Larry and Slim Good Body conceived a crack baby at Studio 54, it might grow up to become Leox.



Next up is Ram Jamoram, who looks like she’s going to teach you how to play hopscotch in a crummy PBS after school special.



And a character who looks like a cheerleader that should be wielding pom-poms.



Not exactly the kinds of characters one would expect to be fighting wars in the stars.


Ethan Van Sciver comments:



I May Actually Die Laughing. SOY WARS THE HIGH REPUBLIC trailer reaction.


Yellow Flash comments:



Star Wars The High Republic is Kathleen Kennedys WOKE WARS! Her final push to ruin Lucasfilm!


Ryan Kinel comments:



Star Wars The High Republic Looks Like Woke Garbage | A Kathleen Kennedy DISASTER!




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