The Star Wars ‘FemGaze’ Festival Exposes SJW Feminists’ Hypocrisy



Yes. You read that headline correctly. It’s a real thing.


Remember reading paragraphs upon paragraphs written by idiot feminists that talked about the evils of the male gaze? It’s why they hate Leia’s gold bikini. Here’s one such comment from militant feminist Tracy King:


That Leia used her chains against her captor doesn’t change the distinctly male gaze that turned that scene into a grubby bedroom fantasy for boys.


Of course, the real reason they don’t like the bikini is that it makes unattractive militant feminists feel inadequate.


But SJWs are masters of hypocrisy. For while the male gaze is evil, the female gaze is good. Here’s a comment from militant feminist Anne Cohen, who salivates over Kylo Ren’s pecs:


Kylo Ren’s (Adam Driver) swoll pecs make it official: Star Wars is a woman’s game now.

The fact that Rey highlights Kylo’s lack of a shirt only cements its importance as a marker of the female gaze, our very own Princess Leia in the gold bikini moment.


And now they’re going to celebrate that female gaze. Behold the Star Wars Fem Gaze Fest:




Look up the hashtag #swfemgazefest and you’ll find more.




You can watch this exercise in hypocrisy right here:




It was hosted by What The Force?





And while SJWs were screeching demands for the inclusion of women in Scum & Villainy Cantina’s May The Fourth event, I’m having a hard time finding any SJWs screeching for the inclusion of men in What The Force’s Fem Gaze Fest in the interest of equal equality.


Kathleen Kennedy’s Bitter Agenda continues apace.



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