The Simpsons Producers’ REALLY Want You to Know They Hate Trump

According to Breitbart, the Simpsons has gone fully anti-Trump, with a Halloween special listing 50 reasons why they don’t think you should vote for Donald:


The FOX animated series The Simpsons has ramped up its effort to push partisan politics, this time in the show’s 31st Treehouse of Horror Halloween special, which shows viewers 50 reasons why voters should not re-elect President Donald Trump.

The show’s 31st Treehouse of Horror Halloween special (scheduled to air on election day) begins with Marge calling Homer to remind him to vote, allowing him to arrive at the polling station just in time to cast his ballot. However, Homer appears undecided over who to vote for, enraging his progressively-minded daughter Lisa, who chastises him for even considering Trump given “everything that happened over the past four years.”

A confused Homer tells Lisa he does not know what she is talking about, at which point the show provides 50 reasons why the country should not give Trump a second term.


The Simpsons' Treehouse of Horror Lists 50 Reasons Not to Vote Trump



And very disgusting, offensive and defamatory “reasons” they are at that, more of which can be read at the link. As if you needed another reason why the time has come to bail out of Simpsons viewing, if you haven’t yet, well, here it is. The show resorts to blood libels upon blood libels of the worst kind, further compounding my modern opinion it was a mistake to have bothered watching the show in its heyday years back. The producers are such unbelievably biased, contemptible people obsessed more than ever before with social justice propaganda, and to continue watching the series at this point would only be to provide them with an excuse to continue producing it for another 20 years, or as long as TV is still around.


I haven’t watched the Simpsons on any kind of regular basis for at least 15 years now, and would urge other folks to drop it from their viewing schedules. It’s gone on far too long, and if the producers won’t end it, at least we the audience can put an end to our prior attendance to show we can’t support this awful propaganda anymore.



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Avi Green

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