The Rise of Skywalker Novelization Writer Says Rey Was First Girl Jedi

SJWs live in a deluded fantasy world of their own making. For instance, SJWs love to pretend that there have never been strong female characters before the year 2015. They’re required to believe that if they’re also going to pretend that they’re making great civil right strides today. But as normal people know full well, SJWs aren’t blazing any trails, but are on a decades-old well-worn beaten path instead. Here’s one such example from a run of the mill drone:







It was then that I posted my long list of strong leading female characters going back to the 1960s (Ellen Ripley, Sarah Connor, Leia Organa, Dana Scully, et al)




So how did the SJW respond when given this information? Did she say, “Oh gee, I didn’t know any of that. I’ll have to check those out.” No. Instead, she chose to turn off the source of reality altogether, in order to maintain her self-induced delusions.




Now, SJWs will respond to this by pointing at my patriarchal genitalia and muttering something unintelligible about sexism and/or misogyny. But it should be noted, that a woman also received the same treatment for delivering reality to the SJW:




Reality will simply not be tolerated by SJWs.


This particular SJW, was responding to Rae Carson who recently expressed a similar delusion. For those who may not know, Rae Carson is the author of The Rise of Skywalker novelization.



Fun Fact: This scene brought out big belly laughs from myself.


Ryan Kinel discussed this tweet and Rae’s deep hatred of white males in the following video:



As a result, many went to this Twitter thread and began showing Rae the female Jedis that she missed in her 40 years of being a super-duper ultra-uber fan.






There are more in that thread for those who care to look.


So how did Rae, as an SJW, deal with being confronted with a reality that discredited her proclamation? By complaining about it, and then moving the goal posts.





You see, now it’s not just about how she “desperately wanted to see a girl Jedi on the big screen.”


After being confronted with reality, it then changes into a girl Jedi who has a “real” role, who doesn’t die horribly, who doesn’t have a quick cameo. I’m sure Rae will dream up several other qualifiers as well in order to maintain her delusion of attaining social justice folk hero status.


It never occurs to her that most of the Jedi in the Prequels had quick cameos, males too. Because the Prequels were about the fall and slaughter of the Jedi. Which is why many Jedi died horribly. The Original Trilogy didn’t have many Jedi at all because most of them had all been killed. That was a major part of the plot of the franchise. Note the word “wars” in the title of the franchise; Star Wars. It wasn’t about a cosplay fashion show where we get to see girls twirling around lightsabers for two hours with little to no actual meaning in any of it. At least, not until the Disney trilogy anyways.


But the moral of the story here is that SJW feminists should never ever be catered to. Because even after you give them what they want, they’re still going to complain that it’s not something else. They’re never satisfied with anything.


Feminism appears to be anti-feminine.



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