The New Holiday Special Star Wars Figures Are Not Very Special

Nutcracker Rey


Nutcracker Rey was the only Black Series Disney Trilogy action figure released by Hasbro at its Hasbro Pulse Con. Even the much criticized Jar Jar Binks got a pretty good looking action figure:


Better than the Disney Trilogy lead heroes apparently.

Future of the Force reports:


During the big Hasbro Pulse Con virtual event for the US, new Black Series figures were unveiled, including a first look at what’s to come in 2021!


There are a number of fine offerings listed in their article. But the most perplexing figures are the garish red and green action figures, which can only be pulled out once a year for those willing to drop the coin for them.



Outside of the Rose Tico action figures, these have to be some of the dumbest pieces of merchandise I’ve ever seen.


X-mas themed Star Wars merch is fine when it’s a 5 dollar ornament. But who wants to pay 20 bucks or more for a Black Series action figure? And honestly, with the garish colors it looks more like something out of Dr. Seuss than Star Wars.


This has to be for the Jaxxon fans, or the wine moms who like to pretend that Star Wars has always meant so much to them.


They could have gone with the snow themed pieces like taun-tauns and wampas and AT-ATs, or even the crystal foxes.


But a real fan, would know that the natural choice for a holiday action figure would come from the Holiday Special.


Super 7 would rake in lots of dough if they produced these.


Or how about action figures of Bea Arthur’s character to add to your Cantina?



What about an action figure of Goormanda?



What about Mermeia?



And you know that we’re all dying to pour liquid into Krelman’s head.



People can say whatever they want about the Holiday Special, but I’m guessing that any of these offerings would outsell the garish red and green troopers by miles.


World Class Bullshitters comments:


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