The Mary Sue Displays Embarrassing Hypocrisy Over ‘Race-Swapping’


We’ve seen many people in geek culture get cross whenever it comes to the act of race swapping an original character from the comics when creators update the book or adapt it for television, games, or movies. Many fans complain about this because the producers have effectively, and lazily decided to just change an established character and retcon their origin story, or the entire history of that character, instead of simply creating a new character. Typically the feminist and #WokeAF website The Mary Sue always comes out in favor of these race swaps and praises them, but not this time for some odd reason. Reverse racism perhaps?



The most recent race swap involves The CW’s Batwoman series. While the New 52 version of ‘Julia Pennyworth’ (a very minor character) was black, the original version first introduced in the comics was white. Well, the TV version of the character has been cast with a Caucasian. And in the most hypocritical stands, ‘Princess Weekes’ of The Mary Sue claps back about this race-swap and embarrasses herself complaining about how wrong she believes this casting is.



In my video below, I go through the entire article, point out their hypocrisy, and poke giant holes through The Mary Sue’s lies.



Tristen Just

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