‘The Marvels’ Delayed Again – Brie Larson Said to Be the Cause


Comic Book Movie says the sequel to the Captain Marvel movie from 4 years ago is seeing its release moved back again, from July to November, and this might be the reason why:


Shortly after the delay was announced, reports indicated that the movie was pushed back to allow more time for post-production, and while that may be the case, Jeff Sneider has heard that it’s not the main reason.

On tonight’s episode of The Hot Mic, Sneider said he’d heard that star Brie Larson has not been the easiest to work with (the word “nightmare” was used), and has clashed with co-star Teyonah Parris. We’re not exactly sure why or how this could impact the film’s post-production process, but Sneider suggested that there has been some diva-like behaviour behind-the-scenes.

Apparently, Larson wasn’t happy that the sequel was titled The Marvels and not “Captain Marvel 2,” because she feels the franchise was originally built around her being cast in the lead role before any writer or director was brought on board.


Considering how woke it was – such an utter embarrassment compared to the time when the lady Larson played, Carol Danvers, was originally created in the Bronze Age – the studio seemed to realize they’d screwed up in only so many ways they decided to contain some of the damage in reception by simplifying the title. So, what did Larson expect?

In any event, this is yet another live action Marvel movie I won’t be seeing, not just because it’s made by profiteers who’ve devastated the comics franchise, but also because the 1st movie proper was based on how Carol Danvers has been characterized since 2011, which has become considerably worse as the years went by, insulting Roy Thomas and Gene Colan’s creation at one point with artwork that makes her look more masculine than feminine, and even changing her origins drastically, to make it look as though she’d always been of alien origin far more than human of earth. Changes so contrived and forced, it’s no wonder they’re reviled by fandom.


There’s really nothing to be excited about seeing here.



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