‘The Mandalorian’ Reveals Backstory & Name of Baby Yoda: Mockery Ensues

Spoilers ahead for the latest episode of The Mandalorian!


For a season and a half of The Mandalorian, fans have 100% embraced the show’s shortest and quietest character, and with “The Child” being a rather stodgy moniker, the name “Baby Yoda” instantly became the character’s universally accepted nickname. But at last, with today’s “The Jedi,” creator Jon Favreau finally gave the adorable little dude an official name, and it’s absolutely as ridiculous s anyone could have expected: Grogu!



Ever since he first managed to stop that Mudhorn from pulverizing Mando back in Season 1, Baby Yoda has shown his skills with the Force, though largely in ways that have made it seem like he wasn’t 100% sure what was happening. But it turns out that the character is way more versed in Force knowledge than many might have expected. Ahsoka Tano (making her live-action debut) revealed to Mando that lil’ Grogu was raised at the Jedi Temple located on the mega-planet Coruscant, and was trained by “many Jedi Masters,” though she sadly doesn’t reference any of them specifically. In any case, Baby Yoda definitely is not a novice when it comes to the Force.

Since Ahsoka Tano didn’t feel comfortable offering her Jedi-training service to Baby Yoda, she advised Mando to take the bitty creature to the planet Tython. Ahsoka spoke of Jedi Temple ruins that still maintained a strong connection to the Force, and told Mando to bring Grogu to the top of the mountain there, with the chance that another Jedi would sense his presence and go looking, even though there aren’t that many Jedi left out there.





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