The Mandalorian is All Just Prelude to Disney’s Star Wars Trilogy

One of the major obstacles for me to watch The Mandalorian, is knowing that ultimately it all leads to the awful Disney Trilogy and the silly First Order. Well, it appears that we have the first official stench of the Disney Trilogy in The Mandalorian by way of Easter Egg.





The unfortunates who bothered to watch The Rise Of Skywalker may recall Rey’s hair do with 3 buns/pony tails.


Well guess what makes an appearance in The Mandalorian Chapter 12: The Siege…



Some folks weren’t happy about it when I posted this in a thread on Twitter. This easter egg demonstrates that despite rumors to the contrary, all roads lead to the awful Disney Trilogy.


After all, it’s just a darned hairstyle many exclaimed!


My deflector shield may be up, but apparently these fine lads and lasses are unfamiliar with the concept of the Continuity Director.

But as the Sentinel pointed out:



Well too bad, because we’re going to talk about it some more.

Because apparently, Snoke’s theme played in The Mandalorian Chapter 12 during a scene showing what appeared to be a clone floating in a vat of goo.

Click on the image to view the media on Twitter:



What crappy villain from the Disney Trilogy had clones floating in vats of goo?

I now give my critics permission to exclaim, “But it’s literally just music!!!”



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