The Mandalorian Actress Gina Carano Fights Back Against COVID-19 Narrative

This female has brains



Gina Carano, star of The Mandalorian, recently tweeted this out:




Gina is of course correct. If Covid-19 were an actual thing, then we ought to be seeing all of these maskless rioters dropping like flies from Covid, because they aren’t exactly social distancing. Especially since these rioters are packed in together at smelly encampments:



I’m guessing that washing hands in the encampment has probably fallen to the way side.


The fact that these rioters are not being affected by Covid in great number, demonstrates that the whole Covid pandemic is little more than activist hysteria (mixed with a bad flu*).


So it’s a good thing that ILM Animation Director for The Mandalorian, Hal Hickel, is proud to work for a company that supports free speech.



Because it sure would be a shame if Gina Carano were thrown into the same memory hole as Rachel Butera.




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