The Last of Us Part II Still Criticly Reviewed In Spite of Naughty Dog’s Stasi Style Tactics

Naughty Dog may finally be getting its come-uppance.
The Last of Us Part 2 came out this weekend, and Metacritic is seeing a lot of gaming fans weigh in with reviews and scores that go against the mainstream press narrative that this is a nearly universally praised game. It currently boasts a 3.4/10 score as opposed to its 9.5/10 critical consensus which had made it one of the top reviewed games of the 21st century.
Right now, half a day into release in some regions, The Last of Us Part 2 has amassed 29,000+ user scores. The Last Of Us 1 has only 9,628 user scores total for its entire lifespan. So it is clear there is some “review bombing” happening, but Az from HeelVsBabyface has some comments on that, and why this is still bad news for the beleaguered game developer and Sony.


The Last of Us Part II LIES Exposed As Players Leave SAVAGE Reviews!!


Let’s see what the final sales figures show.



Meanwhile, Jeremy Griggs, a long time critic of the Last of Us 2 and Naughty Dog and their handling of The Last of Us 2, was recently suspended from Twitter after receiving several copyright strikes on Youtube related to the leaks of the game from several weeks ago.


From Bounding Into Comics:


Twitter has permanently suspended Geeks + Gamers founder Jeremy Griggs from the platform after receiving multiple DMCA complaints from Naughty Dog over memes Griggs posted to his account mocking The Last Of Us Part II.

The events leading to his suspension began on June 16th, when Griggs posted a humorous image of Abby, the secondary protagonist of The Last of Us II, with the head of professional wrestler Scott Steiner photoshopped over her, mocking the character’s extremely stocky and muscular build:




This image, and presumably other memes now deleted by Twitter, earned multiple DMCA takedown requests from Naughty Dog, which initially resulted in Griggs’ account being locked.

After his account was unlocked following a forced removal of the ‘offending content,’ Griggs responded by continuing to repost the meme and telling Naughty Dog to “f*** off.”



Griggs was among several YouTubers, including Ryan Kinel and Heel vs Babyface, who received DMCA strikes from Sony for simply mentioning the game on their Youtube channels. Needless to say, Jeremy and the rest still have much more to say about the Naughty Dog debacle, noting that head Dog Neil Druckman is still attacking critics and fans of the game. 


Neil Druckmann Throws Shade At The Last Of Us Part 2 Fan Reviews


The Last of Us Part II is a bleak, distressing game, and is tremendously violent. It’s not justified. And unfortunately the people at Naughty Dog think themselves clever by the way they’ve behaved and by making a thirty-hour video game to make some vague point about how no one is good. The shenanigans of this game developer have already proven the point without us all having to spend 25-30 hours on something with so bleak a premise.

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