The Incredible “Wokeness” of Goyer’s TV Adaptation of Asimov’s ‘Foundation’


If you’re wondering what the decidedly overrated movie screenwriter and onetime comics writer Goyer is up to now, he’s producing an Apple TV+ show based on Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series, as reported by the Federalist:


Its writer and showrunner is David S. Goyer, who previously penned “Dark City,” “Batman Begins,” and “The Dark Knight.” The pedigree across the board is second to none, all of it essentially a scaffold for the landmark influential epic that dates back almost 80 years to its genesis as a series of short stories published in the heyday of formative sci-fi.



But how is he developing this new adaptation of an Asimov classic? You guessed it, he’d doing it all according to Hollywood PC quotas:


So while Goyer manages to maintain the bones of the books, his most significant impact is intentionally taking considerable liberties in fleshing them out and mostly in “woke” ways. Characters are recreated in hopes of eliciting emotions that weren’t present in the text while keeping up with today’s character “alterations,” “identity necessities,” and “diversity management.”

Apple’s adaptation modernizes and diversifies the book’s mostly male characters. The reason there are no love stories in the original is that there are virtually no women. That’s simply a deal-breaker in today’s world, so Seldon’s disciple Gaal Dornick and Terminus’s mayor Salvor Hardin, both men in the books, are played by female nonbinary actors, Lou Llobell and Leah Harvey. A male-presenting android Demerzel, who arrives much earlier in the TV version than in the book, is played by Laura Birn and expresses “transitional” identity and transgender characteristics.


FOUNDATION Trailer 3 (2021)


Recalling Asimov was a leftist himself (and an atheist), one can only wonder if he’d be all for this, if he were still alive today. In any event, this is most sad that more classic literature is being forcibly changed to suit a modern PC agenda, but it does give a good idea where Goyer stands on various subjects, and it probably shouldn’t be surprising somebody this “woke” could be so negative towards the She-Hulk several years prior. Or could pen a story where Superman gives up US citizenship.



And above all, what Goyer’s proven is that he’s a writer with no genuine confidence or respect for the source material he adapts. It would be better to avoid any movie or book with his name on it at this point, something I already do when I see J. Michael Straczynski credited to a movie or comic.



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