The Flash is The CW’s Highest Rated Series for 6th Straight Year


As the Arrowverse and the rest of The CW’s fall lineup round the midseason corner and into the home stretch, it might come as little surprise to see The Flash holding the baton (again) in the race for the network’s No. 1 ratings spot. But coming in at the followup No. 2 position is Batwoman — a still-young series that’s singlehandedly managed to lure fans into its shadow all in the span of just nine episodes.

Nielsen ratings for everything on The CW’s prime-time lineup show that, while there’s an overall dropoff in viewership for most shows compared against last year, the network’s DC-heavy genre roster continues to be a winning formula. The top seven of the network’s 11 primetime shows on the list are all series that play in either the Arrowverse or Archie Comics sandbox, with Supernatural and Legacies in there, too.

In its sixth season, The Flash stands out for remaining The CW’s most-watched series with a .94 rating — which means that .94 percent of American TVs were tuned in. (Yes, that is less than 1%)

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(via Syfy Wire)

Mandy Parker

Mandy Parker

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