The Federalist Website Aptly Takes Lucasfilm & Disney To Task

Pablo points his finger at everyone else for the problems in Lucasfilm.


David Breitenbeck writes a piece at The Federalist entitled Why The Star Wars Franchise’s Decline Is A True Loss For American Culture.  Here’s a snippet.


‘Star Wars’ Is on Its Death Bed

Appallingly, Disney and Lucasfilm, with the help of sympathetic journalists, have cheerfully fanned the flames of this divide, and thus they shield themselves by encouraging the idea that some fans hate the films on account of their political or social biases, the race or sex of the main characters, or simply as a sign of the viewers’ immaturity. The term “toxic fandom” has entered the mainstream, as if it’s the viewers’ fault they don’t like the films.

The result of all this is that “Star Wars,” as a film franchise, is dying, if not already dead. “Solo” became the first film in the franchise to lose money, and interest in the upcoming third film is comparatively low, with a full trailer not even due out until this month. To destroy what was perhaps the world’s most valuable cinematic intellectual property in less than five years is admittedly an impressive achievement — perhaps the sole impressive thing about what is now known as the Disney era.

The imaginative power of Star Wars’s IP has been systematically stripped away into a confused and contradictory mess loaded down with contemporary politics. The simple, yet rich story of the originals (and even of the prequels, for all their faults) now suffers from a soulless and pointless tumor that grinds the rich characters of the originals into the dirt in order to set up hollow new ones.




It’s definitely worth heading over to The Federalist to read the whole thing.


You can also read him at his blog, Serpent’s Den.


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