The ‘Damseling’ of the Next Star Wars Actress Has Begun

“No one must be allowed to criticize this female character of color!”


Readers of this blog will know that I’m not too terribly convinced of the legacy media’s Kelly Marie Tran narrative.  In fact, I’m not convinced of Kelly Marie Tran’s own narrative either.  Here’s what I wrote back in October of 2018, in regards to the vague op-eds KMT was writing, and the statements she was giving in interviews:


She could easily state, “Yes, I left Instagram due to online sexist and racist harassment.” Or she could say, “No, I did not leave Instagram due to online sexist and racist harassment.” Either of those two sentences could easily be stated or written, and the matter put to bed once and for all. But she stated neither. Rather, she danced around the matter and avoided addressing it specifically.

KMT’s agent certainly could have put out such a statement as well, but didn’t.

This leads me to believe that she doesn’t want to state anything specific because she doesn’t want to get caught in a lie later on down the road. She’s misdirecting.

She’s misdirecting the viewers away from the specifics of the Instagram incident and attempting to draw their attention to larger issues about good and bad things with everything.

Why is Kelly Marie Tran misdirecting? Simple.

Here’s a girl that gained instant stardom with The Last Jedi. This is all brand new to her. Suddenly she’s at the epicenter of a controversy. First, she disables her Instagram account. Then a simple tweet reports it. Then a flurry of articles are published which amplify the sentiments in that tweet. Then her peers around her start showering her with sympathy and grant her the SJW’s coveted victim status. Victim status is the first rung on the ladder to attaining social justice folk hero status.

As a result, she gets lauded as “leading the charge” against online harassers. People now come to her for advice about online harassment…



Well guess what, buttercup.  From Metro via  Fantha Tracks:


Naomi Ackie Sought Advice From Kelly Marie Tran On Building ‘Thick Skin’

The Rise Of Skywalker actress Naomi Ackie sought advice from cast mate Kelly Marie Tran on how to develop a ‘thick skin,’ and deal with the abuse and pressures that have been shown to come with working in the Star Wars franchise.

In a sad reflection of our fandom, and wider society, Ackie revealed that she spoke with Tran for advice, after Tran herself suffered disgusting sexist and racist abuse following her appearance in The Last Jedi.

Now, Naomi Ackie has explained to at the BIFA nominations announcement that she looked to her co-star for advice on entering the franchise – and dealing with any nay-sayers.

As for whether she was feeling any pressure, the Jannah actress explained: ‘Luckily, there’s so much time between knowing that you’re doing [the film], preparing for it, filming it, editing and reshoots.

‘You have so much time to contemplate all of that stuff. But at this point I feel like I’m in a good place, I’m ready for people to see it. ‘And, hey, I think it’s gonna be great. If people don’t like it, they don’t like it. And if they don’t like me, that’s alright.’ She went on to add: ‘I think watching the experience of Kelly Marie Tran and talking to her, I got a lot of inspiration from her about how to grow a thicker skin when it comes to people’s opinions of not just your work, [also] who you are.

‘There’s a difference. That’s a challenge but I’m fired up. I feel good about it ultimately.’



No doubt it feeds into KMT’s ego to be sought out as a wise sage.  And so this ridiculous narrative gets perpetuated.



But what’s actually happening here is that the legacy media recognizes the goofy silliness in what little we’ve seen from the character so far.  The lame energy bow and the riding of space horses on the hull of a flying Star Destroyer for instance.  So that same legacy media is now going to work to transform those legitimate criticisms of story elements, into criticisms of Naomi Ackie’s melanin content in a flurry of “toxic fandom” articles that are sure to come and probably already written.  It’s one of the ways that they’ll distract from the inevitable box office failure of Episode IX.


So get ready, Fandom Menace.  The damseling of Naomi Ackie has begun!



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