Tennessee University Football QB Releasing Bible-Based Comic


Sports Spectrum reports of a Tennessee football player who’s putting out a comic based on biblical scriptures:


Tennessee quarterback Hendon Hooker can now add “author” to his list of titles. Earlier this week, he and his brother, Alston Hooker, announced the release of a new Scripture book for athletes that they co-created.

The ABC’s of Scripture for Athletes” is a comic-book style book filled some of their favorite Scriptures and is now available for pre-order. It’s tailored toward young athletes and there are also companion flashcards available.


It’s a great idea, but no doubt, some are bound to be rightly concerned whether it could truly sell in an era where far-left politics have astonishingly plagued mainstream sports to the point where it’s exceedingly difficult to enjoy them at all. And that’d be a valid worry indeed.




I wish the sportsman good luck selling his new comics-style take on biblical themes, but it shouldn’t surprise anybody if today’s politicized atmosphere could make it hard to market successfully. It’s a terrible shame it came to this, courtesy of a long failure to be vigilant and oppose politicization properly.


Pre-order a copy here.


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Avi Green

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