Talks from the Multiverse: 2019, a Year of Obligations?

Well 2018 is officially in the can, and 2019 is here. Bleeding Fool contributors and friends weighed in on what they see coming in 2019 and what they are looking forward to. I gave my two cents, but let me tell you guys in a bit more detail what I’m looking forward to in the realm of video games, movies, and comics.

And as I worked on this episode I realized something…a LOT of things, movies especially, feel like I’m just… obligated to go to some of them. Many of the movies are wrapping up a trilogy, or a long going story arc, or it’s a franchise I love and want to make sure it’s done well, etc etc. It doesn’t detract me from seeing them but… it doesn’t exactly make me more excited either.

2019: Year of the Obligations - Talks from the Multiverse

Robert Willing

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