Ta-Nehisi Coates Writes Captain America Dropping His Costume Again

We tried to warn our readers over a year ago. Ta-Nehisi Coates keeps proving he’s got nothing inspiring to offer in his Cap run, as he comes up with a storyline where Steve Rogers abandons costume again, and a Golden Age co-star inexplicably returns:


In Captain America #12, Steve Rogers is at a crossroads. Someone masquerading as Captain America has framed him for multiple crimes including treason, making him the most wanted man in America.

Under Sharon Carter’s advice, Steve decides to hang up his shield as Captain America and continue fighting simply as himself – taking up his tactical suit and energy shield he wore as Steve Rogers, Super Soldier. […]

Alongside these women, there’s one more ally for Steve – an apparently revived and rejuvenated Peggy Carter, who is now much younger-looking than her niece Sharon and sports a nose ring.

Lest there be any confusion, Sharon even calls her “Aunt Peggy” – making it clear that, whatever the unrevealed circumstances of her return, this is the Peggy Carter.


And from what I know, Peggy was seen dying in 2011, nearly a decade ago, though she surely had already passed away back in the Bronze Age. So now they had to bring her back all for the sake of making her look just short of adhering to punk subculture with a nose ring, and the 10 Daughters of Liberty Cap recruits in this story reeks of needless feminist propaganda too. One of the comments states:


Look, we all know and acknowledge that women have (and still do sometimes) had it bad, but the idea that only women can understand oppression in America, to the point where a female-only team needed to form just to save Captain America is just such a weak explanation and just goes to emphasize even further how arbitrarily “woke” their presence is in this story. 

And Peggy Carter with a nose ring? That’s some “how do you do fellow kids” stuff right there. 

Add all that to the fact that it’s taken them 12 issues to build up to something they could have set up in #1 and I’ve lost all patience for this title.

(And no I don’t have any problems with female characters. Big fan of Jane Foster Thor/Valkyrie and I like almost all of the characters on this “team”, but they’re being very poorly used here)


Another said:


This is another example (see other posts) about how Marvel cannot evolve its core characters (Thor MIGHT be an exception). Peggy Carter? C’mon….She died a noble death and it MEANT something…this stunt has just devalued the writers of that story and the character of Peggy. Really, really sad. Marvel is not moving forward. Time to replace the leadership. Cancel the title and keep Cap in a supporting role in Avengers. He cannot carry his own title anymore. Its clear.


If Steve can’t carry his own solo book anymore, it’s because the writing’s long become so bad, ever since that abominable Marvel Knights series from the early 2000′, that who can read the series and feel inspired and entertained by it anymore? It’s terrible it had to come to this, but it’s also the fault of addicts who wouldn’t stop reading despite the huge drop in quality, or, they were mindless collectors who actually think writing this awful will guarantee monetary value “someday”. This story sounds vaguely like the time Steve was briefly replaced with John Walker, the guy who later became USAgent, in the late 80’s. But the ill-intentions behind the modern storylines ruin everything.


SPOILER: According to sources, he will ditch the Sentinel of Liberty costume to return to the Commander Rogers costume.


This is no way to treat Kirby/Simon’s famous creation, but that’s just what Marvel’s been doing for nearly two decades now.



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