Swamp Thing: First Casualty of the Streaming Wars?

SWAMP THING Official Teaser Trailer (2019) DC Universe


The production of the upcoming DC Universe’s Swamp Thing has been shut down and has been told to write an ending as Warner Bros. evaluates the future of the DC Universe streaming service platform. This may put all of the platform’s shows in doubt. Titans is currently in production on their second season, but what’s the future?


Of course, Swamp Thing could be shopped around, but is this the first casualty of the streaming wars? Akiva Goldman’s Titans sure didn’t help and I submit that Akiva helped bring down the Batman franchise. Has he now achieved destroying an entire streaming service? He’s currently working on the Picard Star Trek series for CBS All Access, so this is not a good sign for that streaming platform either. I don’t know if any of these streaming services is EVER going to catch up to Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime. Maybe, MAYBE, Disney+ will be competitive, but these others will continue to have casualties.


In response to these reports DC Universe has released a Swamp Thing trailer (above), and some in the media have boasted about the Parrot Analytics data showing that interest in the DC properties has gone up, but this doesn’t change the fact that production was indeed shut down with a rushed ending and a reduced episode count. It’s also curious that no official denials to this story have been provided by DC or Warner Bros. Maybe they’re just trying to stop from sinking.


Check out my rant below and let me know in the comments what your thoughts are on DC Universe.


DC Universe Cancelled? Swamp Thing Shut Down. Titans, Doom Patrol and Platform Being "Evaluated"

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