Strip Mining Classics: Sith to “Bust Force Ghosts” in Star Wars Next?


Apparently, the Sith will be busting Force Ghosts in crappy DisCanon.  


ScreenRant reports:


George Mann’s recently-published Star Wars: Dark Legends subtly hints the ancient Sith had a way to deal with Force Ghosts, however. This is a collection of in-universe myths, although Lucasfilm has stressed every one of them contains a grain of truth. One of these stories, “The Gilded Cage,” tells of an ancient, subtle war between the Nightsisters and the Sith Lord Darth Caldoth. The Nightsisters attempt to lure him into a battle with what seems to be a Force Ghost, but he saw through their trick, and prepared a response; he performed a binding ritual that trapped the Force Ghost inside a vial. He stoppered it, and took it away.


Or maybe the illustrious Story Group is conflating Star Wars with Willow.




Thanks to O G Star Wars for the tip.



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