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The firing of outspoken actress Gina Carano, the former MMA fighter and actress who played Cara Dune in the hit series Star Wars: The Mandalorian was confirmed yesterday. While some of her political Twitter posts had earlier sparked a #FireGinaCarano hashtag to trend, the news of her actually being fired over an Instagram post has created a massive backlash, prompting calls to cancel Disney+ trending online and #CancelDisneyPlus trending on Twitter. 



Previous hashtags of #FireGinaCarano had trended off and on for months pushing for her to be dropped, following some of her earlier posts that supported President Donald Trump, questioned the efficacy of facemasks, being skeptical of the 2020 election results, and humorously using “beep/bop/boop” instead of trans-supportive preferred pronouns that transactivist had tried (unsuccessfully) to pressure her into putting in her Twitter bio.


Disney finally used her since-deleted Instagram post comparing the current political climate to being Jewish in Nazi Germany as the excuse they needed to release Carano, although they’ve been looking at an excuse for months.




If you read the Instagram post above, it’s easy to see why it might be controversial, but a reasonable person would conclude that Gina Carano did nothing wrong. She made an somewhat outrageous, but fairly accurate analogy. Yet the the Twitterati got very angry at her because we now live in a world of weak conformity and ruthless ideological mob rule, and Gina has shown the courage to think for herself. By making this analogy of neighbors hating republicans or Trump supporters, while US Senators are publicly calling Trump supporters “insurrectionists,” I believe she should be afforded the liberty to make such a comparison without consequences of losing her career. 


Or… is Disney really not aware that Trump supporters are beaten by other Americans simply for appearing to support the President by wearing a red “Make America Great Again” cap?  It’s true.



Does Disney also know that the male star of The Mandalorian has made his own Jewish holocaust comparisons to the political climate on his social media too? Of course they know. They simply agree. Or haven’t you been paying attention?




Disney’s hypocrisy is a feature, not a bug…


Disney must believe it’s perfectly fine to use the Jewish holocaust to score political points if you’re a progressive liberal like their other Star Wars actor Pedro Pascal, who has done this and worse frequently on his social media. But, if you do the same from the right side of the political aisle, then you should expect cancel culture to come after you.  To understand, take note of these two trending topics on Twitter yesterday…




Thankfully, by ousting Gina Carano over her Instagram post, Lucasfilm unexpectedly provoked massive outrage among those who said it was yet another example of cancel culture run amok, with #CancelDisneyPlus quickly trending on social media as fans decided to give the streaming service a dose of their own medicine. Maybe President Trump taught conservatives how to fight?






Many others also noticed Disney’s blatant hypocrisy and pointed out that Carano’s co-star from The Mandalorian has made his own comparisons of republican voters and the Jewish holocaust,. OANN reporter Jack Posobiec also noted that Disney had even hypocritically re-hired James Gunn who had been tweeting child molestation joke tweets for years.






In addition to Lucasfilm firing her, Carano was also dropped as a client by her agency, UTA, according to The Hollywood Reporter.


They have been looking for a reason to fire her for two months, and today was the final straw,” said one source with knowledge of the situation.


According to sources, Lucasfilm planned to unveil Carano as the star of her own Disney+ series during a December investor’s day presentation but scrapped those plans following her November tweets. Multiple Mandalorian spinoffs are in the works from executive producers Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni, including Rangers of the New Republic, which could have potentially starred Carano. –The Hollywood Reporter.


Disney is a powerful media monopoly. They won’t just bend the knee to Twitterati mobs, but have proven they will gladly find excuses to attack the politics of those on the right. Does this surprise conservative minded citizens and consumers? Disney has long proven that they not only hate your politics and philosophies, but they hate you and they’ve flaunted their opposition to conservative philosophies for years.


As Posobiec noted, Disney fired, but quietly re-hired James Gunn after dozens of child molestation tweets were unearthed, but when they fired Rosanne Barr within 24 hours of her tasteless POTA joke about Valerie Jarrett (an Iranian senior advisor to President Obama), Bob Iger called Valerie Jarrett on behalf of ABC to let her know that “ABC does not tolerate comments like those” made by Roseanne Barr. So anyone who insults Obama administration officials will never be forgiven? Did Bob Iger ever publicly tell parents of children that Disney and ABC don’t tolerate child molestation jokes like James Gunn’s?



And yes, politics certainly matter to Disney. Over the eight years of the Obama presidency, The Disney Channel featured President and Mrs. Obama in virtually all of their children’s programming and even wrote numerous parts exclusively for Michelle Obama.  The Obamas literally got more airtime than some of the child stars of the network. That saturation of a liberal president and first lady into children’s programming being no surprise as a majority of the leadership of both The Disney Corporation and The Disney Channel is liberal to far-left in their political beliefs.



The question at hand though should be “why does Disney care more about Gina Carano’s relatively inconsequential Instagram post than it does about China’s ethnic cleansing of the Uighur Muslims?” If the company thinks Jewish comparisons to the current culture is “denigrating people based on their cultural and religious identities”, then perhaps it shouldn’t be working so closely with the Chinese Communist Party, which earned a “special thanks” in the credits of Mulan, even though they were keeping a million Muslims in concentration camps while Disney was filming a few miles away on location. Disney has already established that they had no problem bending the knee to racists in China in order to promote their crappy Star Wars films either. John Boyega finally wised up, but publicly praising the people running concentration camps? A new low.



And it’s not just Muslims and people of color who should be outraged at Disney. As many Christians and pro-life supporters will also never forget, Disney threatened to stop shooting films in the state of Georgia because the state legislature was considering restricting abortions when a fetal heartbeat is detected. What business was that of Disney’s? And don’t get me started on their blatant hypocrisy of Disney’s promotion the LGBTQ agenda to children. They recently introduced the first child transgender superhero with Marvel Comics. Are you not paying attention on purpose?



Itchy Bacca was on-point yesterday. Most Disney+ subscribers are weak. And Raz0rfist shut down the argument that cancelling Disney+ is not the same thing as “cancel culture”:







WDW Pro at Pirates and Princesses noted this morning, many Disney executives are shocked at the amount of cancellations already:


Cara Dune was the second most popular character in the series after Baby Yoda. If you just take the politics out of the entire conversation, you have to understand that this was one of the worst business decisions a company dependent on streaming could make. Now “normies” are talking about Disney being in bed with concentration camp guards.



If you’re still a subscriber to Disney Plus, it’s long past time to stop giving money to people who hate you. Here’s how.


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