Steve Rogers Kicked to the Curb Again: Peggy Carter Takes Mantle in New Comic


The DisInsider announces the version of Peggy Carter appearing in the Disney Plus adaptation of Marvel’s What If…? anthology is getting her own solo miniseries:


After debuting in the Marvel/Disney+ series What If…? earlier this year, the new fan-favorite character Captain Carter is getting her own comic book series now.

The five-issue limited event will reportedly hit stands this March, and will tell a slightly different story than the one fans were introduced to in the animated series.

The story will take place in a world where a Super Soldier Serum-enhanced Peggy Carter wakes up from the ice 80 years later instead of Steve Rogers, and tries to adjust to her new present and what it means to wield the shield, while simultaneously dealing with a foe from her past.


And one can only wonder if this tale is as affected by political pandering as any other Marvel’s published in the past decade. What proof do they have that the rendition in focus is even a “fan favorite”? It’s unlikely this new miniseries will sell skyrocketing numbers, and Marvel cannot be trusted with the ideologues now in charge to deliver any kind of decent fare. Besides, this is just another example of how Steve Rogers as Capt. America is being repeatedly kicked to the curb for the sake PC.



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Avi Green

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