Writer Calls For Deplatforming Itchy Bacca & Ethan Van Sciver writer Bria LaVorgna has called for social media deplatforming of Ethan Van Sciver and myself…


…and Bryan Young concurs.


People sometimes ask why it is that censorship is such a common tool for the fringe left. Well, it’s because SJWs are fully aware that their deeply moronic ideology is incapable of withstanding debate in an environment of free speech. Silencing their political opposition is the only intellectual option that is available to them.




And of course we all know why Bryan would like Ethan and I silenced.


Ethan Van Sciver comments:


Creepy SJW LUCASFILM EMPLOYEES scheme to DEPLATFORM ME!! These Soy Wars weirdos are Kookoo-Lookoo!



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