Star Wars: Wookiepedia Has Pages for Breasts and Menstruation


I shit you not.



In the interest of gender equality, I looked to see if Wookieepedia had an erection page. Sadly, it did not.



But if an erection page is created, I have a suggestion for a caption:


“Young human men, such as Han Solo, were known to get erections.”


See how dumb SJW written captions always are?

But the Wookieepedia menstruation page continues:



I’m sure E.K. Johnston and Jennifer Heddle are very proud of this literary accomplishment. But the Wookieepedia page is incomplete. Someone needs to edit the entry to add Delilah Dawson’s polyamorous menstruators, and Bonnie Burton, the Star Wars crafter who likes to make dolls with tampons. Only then will the literary menstrual cycle be complete.


And Del Rey wonders why its books rot on shelves.



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Thanks to Stig Kenobi for the tip.






Apparently there’s also a breast article.




But sadly for gender parity, no testicle article.



Thanks to That Star Wars Girl for the tip.



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