Star Wars: The Nihil Are Villains For… Wanting To Be Left Alone?!?

Mr. H Reviews recently took a look at the trailers for the High Republic, and the one for the Nihil in particular:


HILARIOUS Star Wars The High Republic Character Trailers Cringe


The 3rd trailer Mr. H reviews describes the Nihil as anarchists of the Outer Rim. They are masked marauders. The trailer then goes on to say, “As the Republic encroaches on their territory, the Nihil use their sadistic tactics to stake their claim in the frontier.”


Well what if the Republic didn’t encroach on their territory? What if the Republic just left the Nihil alone? Well as activists they’re not really capable of doing that. And apparently the Jedi are colonialists too.


Mr. H notices a description in the 2nd trailer he reviewed which said, “This is an era of adventure and exploration for the Jedi, as they work to protect the Republic, and illuminate the darkest corners of the Galaxy with the light of the Force.” This essentially describes the Jedi as imposing colonialism.


But that’s okay, because the Nihil (nihilists, get it?) have been designated as the villain, and have even been given a Nazi-esque symbol in case the reader had any doubts.




This is all so ridiculous. This would be like saying, that the Nazis attempted to spread the light of the 3rd Reich into France and Poland, but the French and Polish used their sadistic tactics to stake their claim in their homelands. Then attempting to paint the French and Polish as the villains by slapping a swastika on them. It really just demonstrates the complete and total lack of understanding with regards to geo-politics that all SJWs are stricken with, and the High Republic writers are certainly no different.


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