Star Wars Sycophants Scold John Boyega: The Disney Blowback Begins

Part of the entertainment from John Boyega’s recent statements to GQ magazine will be watching how the mindless Last Jedi sycophants react. Here’s an early sampling:


From Director of Star Wars Brand and Marketing Justin Bolger:



The problem for Justin here, is that some of “the direct quotes” focus on Star Wars. You should expect to see more of where apologists will claim that you ought to be paying attention to the “context” that the writer of the GQ article provides, rather than John Boyega’s own words. Much in the same way that they focus on the “Editor’s Note” in the NY Times piece from Kelly Marie Tran, rather than Kelly Marie Tran’s own words.


From ATGcast operated by Pete Fletzer, who worked for TOPPS and Star Wars Insider:



I’m sure Pete would like to obfuscate what Mr. Boyega said about Star Wars as well.


From official Star Wars artist for TOPPS, Jordan Maison:



Well that’s a pretty interesting take from Jordan. Particularly considering that Jordan’s colleague Shana, also known as Geek Girl Diva who wrote for, and who is also a white chick, once told John Boyega to shut up back in 2019.


Hey Jordan, this wouldn’t happen to be you, now would it?

From Amy Ratcliffe:


And just think Amy, if you and your colleagues had listened to the comments of critical fans rather than react with “sexist! racist!” then you would have heard many of the same criticisms years ago.


When Will Rian Johnson Respond To Boyega’s Comments?


Here’s another tidbit:


So when can we expect Rian Johnson to respond to all of this? After all, Rian expressed love for John Boyega when John was attending a Black Lives Matter rally:



Is Rian Johnson still loving that man today? Or was Rian’s expression of love merely an act of political convenience?




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