Star Wars: Poe Dameron’s Sexuality Open to Interpretation in New Novel


Disney and Lucasfilm aren’t quite ready to have one of their primary leading characters come out as full-blown gay. So those clamoring for such a thing will have to wait another decade or so before Disney feels comfortable doing that. In the meantime, SJWs will have to sate their sexual appetites by applying their preferred sexuality onto Poe Dameron’s gender-neutral pronouns like a game of mad libs. Direct Beta reports on a new book about Poe Dameron from author Alex Segura:


Poe Dameron’s Sexuality Left Open for Interpretation in New Star Wars Novel




That isn’t sitting well with some SJWs, who aren’t quite satisfied.




But let’s be honest here, SJWs still won’t be satisfied even after Star Wars has been transformed into nothing but a gay orgy with a few lightsaber and blaster props scattered about. Because at the end of the day, this isn’t about representation or fairness or anything like that. This is about SJW bullies insisting that their own sexual preferences are forced into the faces of people who are really just interested in stories about space wizards with laser swords.


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