Star Wars Podcasters Claim “Fandom Menace” Videos Exist to “Harass Women”

Podcasters are claiming “The Fandom Menace,” a Star Wars fandom movement that rejects the Disney sequel trilogy, only create videos meant to “harass women”


This of course is in response to the exclusionary Project Stardust nonsense that I blogged about previously. These podcasters are claiming that the videos harass women, but they conveniently ignore all of The Fandom Menace women that responded to their SJW idiocy.


And as always, remember that “harass” means “responding to public comments” when translated from SJW-ese.



For those of you who may be confused, “T/F/M” is their way of mentioning the Fandom Menace without actually mentioning the name, you know, like Voldemort. 


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