Star Wars Outlier Jon Favreau Attempts To Reverse Course


Pirates and Princesses is reporting on a story from Deadline in which Jon Favreau made the following comments:


“We wanted to really wind it back to the things that inspired the original Star Wars and really get it small in scale and tell simple stories, because part of what you inherit when you’re going to see Star Wars now is this whole history, because the stories have been told for decades, and it was nice, with the new medium, to be able to start with a new set of characters to introduce a new audience.

But we always knew…and this is something I learned from…over at Marvel and working with Kevin Feige, is you always want to keep the core fans in mind, because they have been the ones that’ve been keeping the torch lit for many, many years, but these are also stories for young people and for new audiences.

These are myths, and so you always want to have an outstretched hand to people who might not have that background. And so you’re really telling two stories at once. You’re telling the story for the people who are fresh eyes, and you’re telling the story for the people who’ve been there with the property and with the stories and the characters for so many years, and make sure that you’re honoring them, as well.”


Compare and contrast that with statements made by High Republic author Cavan Scott who lectured the core fans about respecting the new fans who make entitled demands for representation and other such nonsense.



Getting a flat tire is a change too. But that’s an unwelcome change. So not all change is de facto good, rendering all platitudes about accepting change entirely worthless. Sometimes, the new viewpoints are simply garbage, which is why so many of the core fans have walked away. That’s what’s really important to understand.


Or how about the comments from the official Star Wars artist for TOPPS, who felt that the new fans were the most passionate, having been a passionate fan for about 5 nano-seconds.



Clearly there’s a different mindset among the bottom feeders at Lucasfilm.


Thanks to Clownfish TV who comments:



OG Star Wars comments:


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