Star Wars Lucasfilm Executive Accused of Being Racist, Sexist & Misogynist


Tricia Barr is co-author of Star Wars: The Visual Encyclopedia and Ultimate Star Wars: Characters, Creatures, Locations, Technology, Vehicles.  She also co-hosts the monthly podcast, Girls Going Rogue, which advertises itself as giving you “the fangirl point of view.”  She has insinuated that Rian Johnson is racist, even though she declared The Last Jedi to be feminist.  Like many other Lucasfilm representatives, she’s not too fond of the white male.  She seems to think that the Reylo ship is a “white person’s ship,” and criticized the Shipping Panel at Celebration of not being inclusive enough, and focusing too much on white males.  And of course, she loves her Fanboy Tears mug.


She’s very upset with Pablo Hidalgo, she claims there aren’t enough women working in Star Wars, and suddenly, fans are customers.





And yet, the same people who complain that there aren’t enough women in Star Wars are now writing articles and tweets demanding that two leading female actresses be fired over political opinions. Kathleen Kennedy’s direction has been very wise indeed.


Doomcock comments:

Ryan Kinel comments:



Pablo Hidalgo has previously accused those within the Fandom Menace of having problems with women.




Pablo has also attempted to connect ComicsGate with the racism of the KKK.



So how amusing is it to witness the very “evolved” fans that Disney Lucasfilm has been courting, who hold the very same ideological world view as Pablo does, now give Pablo the exact same treatment in response to his recent tweets.


Will Pablo have an epiphany now that he’s on the receiving end of this behavior? Absolutely not. Remember, SJWs are ineducable.


So snicker with derisive delight, as Reylos and other assorted SJWs call Pablo Hidalgo out as an istophobe.


Doomcock comments:

Ryan Kinel comments:

Mr. H Reviews comments:



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