Star Wars High Republic Author Very Concerned About Gender Identity

Daniel José Older is the author of “Born in the Storm,” a short story which appeared in the anthology From a Certain Point of View. He is now one of the YA authors on The High Republic, and we’ve spotlighted their social justice bonafides here before.


Daniel Jose Older Has Hissy Fit Over Translation


This is why the Chinese call American SJWs baizuos.  In the United States, approximately 3% of the population identifies as non-binary.  So all of the political pandering that takes place with regards to non-binary individuals, isn’t for the non-binary individuals themselves.  No, the political pandering surrounding non-binary individuals, is primarily for the predominately straight fringe left, who view the LGBTQ+ community as their pets and/or mascots.  So they invent silly pronouns for 63 genders, so that SJWs can pretend that they’re offended when normal people can’t remember even 5 of them.



Because gender identity is exactly what fans of Star Wars want to read about, right?  It’s just another example of an opportunist author using the Star Wars brand name as a carrier wave to push his own political agenda.  Nothing more.


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